1. Bacon Condoms

1-Bacon-CondomsA very appetizing way to be safe. The rubbers look like the strips of bacon with water based lubricant that smells like bacon.

2. Condometric

2-CondometricWant to flaunt what you’ve got? This condom measures and shows off the length of the penis.

3. Whiskey Flavoured Condoms

3-Whiskey-Flavoured-CondomsIf you love strong drinks, this is ideal for you. McCondom Scottish Whiskey flavoured condom is great for man or woman who likes their liquor hard.

4. Tuxedo Printed Condoms

4-Ttuxedo-printed-condomsThe best condom when you’re going to a formal occasion. Tuxedo printed condoms makes you look your best even without clothes.

5. Spray on Condoms

5-Spray-On-CondomsSpray on condom was developed by a German company. The liquid condom comes in an aerosol can that can be sprayed on the penis, the liquid then solidifies in a latex form. Right up there in the wackiest condoms department.

6. Kiss Kondoms

6-Kiss-KondomsThe first condom to display photographic image on the condom box, wrapper and the length of the lubricated condom.

7. Crown Jewels Condoms7-Crown-Jewels-Condoms

Relieve the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton with this condom. Crown Jewels are the world’s leading supplier of heritage prophylactics.

8. Wacky Rubbers

8-Wacky-Rubbers-CondomsHand painted novelty condoms that are shaped with ears, hats and stars. These condoms light up and play music when the tip is touched.

9. Night Light Condoms

9-Night-Light-CondomsGreat condom when you want to glow in the dark. The condom will glow after a few minutes exposure to ordinary light, so be sure to put this on before you turn the lights off.

10. My Face Condoms

10-My-Face-CondomsPersonalized condoms made by RipNRoll Company. Just send them your picture and they will convert it to black and white and stamp it on the cover.

11. Finger Condoms

11-Finger-CondomsThe safer sex device for fingering, wear the Findom on the finger for the G spot massage in order to achieve orgasm in women.

12. Kama Sutra Condoms

12-Kama-Sutra-CondomsThinking of sex position to perform with your partner tonight? Kama Sutra Condoms teaches you 64 sex positions.

13. Occupy Condoms

13-Occupy-CondomsProtest themed sex protection. Buy this if you support the Occupy Movement and want protection from sexually transmitted diseases and tiny socialist babies. Not just the weirdest condoms ever, but maybe the most political. Although …

14. Obama Condoms

14-Obama-CondomsStimulate political awareness and conversation through novelty contraceptives. These latex condoms wrapped in Obama packaging will have you longing for some stimulus.

15. Origami Condoms

15-Origami-CondomsTraditional condoms need unrolling from the package; origami is accordion shaped and folds outwards. This condom will hit the market after passing evaluation.

16. Palin Protection Condom

16-Palin-Protection-CondomsPolitical themed condoms that takes aim at Palin’s and the Republican Party’s position on the woman’s right to choose.

17. Condom Pops

17-Condom-PopsGreat for telling you partner how special she is. Be Mine condoms makes a great Valentine’s or birthday gift.

18. Rapex Anti-rape Condoms

18-Rapex-Anti-rape-CondomsThis is a female condom with teeth lining the inside that bites when the penis is removed. It will cause so much pain that will allow the woman to escape the rapist.

19. St. Patrick’s Day Condom Lollipop

19-St.-Patrick’s-Day-Condom-LollipopsGet in the St. Patrick’s Day spirit by going green. St. Patrick’s Day Condom Lollipop will make you hit at the pub.

20. Vegan Condoms

20-Vegan-CondomsYour vegan partner will surely love this. Vegan condoms are made by removing the dairy protein in the latex but don’t expect it to taste like chocolate.