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12 Songs that mention Sexual Diseases

Here are 12 Songs that mention Sexual Diseases. These songs create awareness and educate the public about the importance of safe sex. 1. Hey There Chlamydia – Keith Rivers 2. The Chlamydia Song – Maureen Anderson 3. Chlamydia Rap – Health Promotion 4. Clap for Chlamydia – Dave Lasher 5. The STD Song – Dan […]

20 Weirdest Condoms Ever

1. Bacon Condoms A very appetizing way to be safe. The rubbers look like the strips of bacon with water based lubricant that smells like bacon. 2. Condometric Want to flaunt what you’ve got? This condom measures and shows off the length of the penis. 3. Whiskey Flavoured Condoms If you love strong drinks, this […]